1. Skinny Minute
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Hummingbird sits on a high wire, takin in all that she sees, spreadin her wings above her, Oh how sweet life can be...But you talk to much when you drink so much, spitting words from the belly of a demon, your lies are such a dramatic crutch, swirling 'round a bottle of deliverance, It's deranged to think it could change in the wink of an eye when you see it all goin' down in a skinny minute... Life is strange butterfly, they'll look you in the eye, and lie,lie,lie,lie,lie!
Out of the blue you're callin to say you've been thinkin of me, Oh but I know last evening, you danced with the enemy.... chorus...
So pencil me in for some laughter, the next time you're headed my way, but don't riddle me with your stories, it's not my concern anyway ... chorus ...